Note: Please read How to Report a Bug to understand what information is useful and the appropriate process.

For PHP 5.3/SVN

PHP-FPM now has it's own category in the official PHP bug tracker. Be sure to read "How to Report a Bug" above before submitting a bug. Click here to report a bug - under "Package affected:" it is under the category "Web Server problem > FPM Related"

Old-style - The Patch - Stable (PHP 5.2.x and earlier)

Use the same suggestions from "How to Report a Bug" above. The PHP team does not support the patch, so you will have to work with the mailing list or possibly IRC.

Launchpad - 0.6.x Series - Some known issues (PHP 5.3.x and some recent PHP 5.2.x releases)

This version is no longer supported. Use the official SVN version now.

There is a bug tracker on Launchpad, but it does not get much attention. Try working with the mailing list instead. Here is the link, in case you are interested.